Marriage Counseling in Nanaimo

marriage counseling

Most people over the age of twenty-five know at least one person whose long-term relationship or marriage has ended. Sometimes the grounds are clear and indisputable, but in many cases the story of where exactly the relationship went wrong is much less obvious – and this is where marriage counseling can play a useful role. In the cases where people believe their differences are irreconcilable, marriage counseling can be a useful way to help each move on in Nanaimo.


In Nanaimo where there is a strong family or religious tradition, if you faced difficulties with your marriage, chances are you would turn to friends or family members, or other members of the community. This everyday sort of marriage counseling could help you avoid the need to resort to more extreme measures such as a temporary separation or divorce. Ideally, expert marriage counseling can support the existing resources that individuals have available to them.


Marriage counseling is of use in Nanaimo in cases where partners are having problems talking to each other, or where people are facing a change or unexpected event that puts a relationship in a new light. It can be a way of finding out ways to deal or open up a discussion around a partner’s needs, which can be hidden if communication has been difficult over a period of time. It can also be a way to address problem behavior, such as anger or jealously issues, low self-esteem in either partner, or a possibility to begin addressing a longer-term issue from childhood, so long as the affected partner is willing.

How to find Marriage counseling in Nanaimo

You can find marriage counseling in Nanaimo by looking online using a search engine and entering your area and the type of service you are looking for. Alternatively, you can try a directory that lists all available counseling in an area. Online marriage counseling is another possibility: in any case, it is important to determine in advance what your expectations are, and how much you can afford to pay.